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Common Vaginal Problems of women

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Over the years  by personal experience i have felt that we women undergo a lot of physical and also emotional changes after pregnancy and childbirth. There are many issues of women they sometimes they don't feel confident enough to bring it out in open due to social pressures and  the Indian cultural practices.

There are several problems faced by women like :-

1. Urinary Leakage

2. Inability to hold urine

3. Vaginal Dryness

4. Painful Sex

5. Vaginal Itching or Irritation

6. Pelvic Pain 

7. Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

8. Vaginismus (Inability to relax Vagina during Intercourse)

9. Vaginal Laxity or loosening

10. Sexual Problems

We best cosmetic gynaecologist in India are there to help you overcome these common issues to make you feel beautiful at any age. We can offer you treatment of non surgical and surgical methods to restore a more youthful and pleasing appearance and make you feel more feminine and beautiful again.

non surgical methods for cosmetic gynaecology

Vaginal Rejuvenation with Laser

Vaginal Rejuvenation with Radio frequency

Laser Vulvar Skin Whitening

Fillers and Injectables

G-Spot Amplification

O-Shot for female sexual quality enhancement

surgical services for cosmetic gynaecology in delhi


Labia Minora and Major Plasty

Complete Vaginal Rejuvination

Clitoral Hoodectomy

Vaginal Tightening with Single Thread Technique

Labia Majora Augmentation by Fat Grafting